How to buy weed from a banana

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How to buy weed from a banana

Post by POT HEAD on Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:07 am

walk by the banana cautiously as he might "bust a cap" in your booty. he may raise his eyebrows, if he does, walk up to him. he will say "whatchu need homie" and thats when you tell him how much you want. EX: "ill take a dime ($10 worth of weed)" then he carefully pulls the weed out of his pocket. then you carfully take out your money. NOTICE!: make sure he gives you the weed first because he may try to take you money and run, you know how niggers are : / then take the weed and gve him the money, but make sure no ones around you. then take the weed a look at it as your walking away. make sure its not all stick and stems, then that means you got ripped off. if its not sticks and stems.....then go home a SMOKE DAT SHIZZIT!!!!!!!


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